NOAA Hurricane Center App revisa


This app is worthless. You get more on the NOAA website, and free

Doesn’t work for ios 11

Don’t waste your money. App doesn’t work with ios 11. Doesn’t even open.


Love the app but, unfortunately, it will not work with the IPhone update it does not work.

Does not work anymore

Used to really like this and rely upon it. Maybe if enough people rate it at one star NOAA will update to work with current IOS. PLEASE UPDATE. people rely on this!

iOS update?

I love this app. I use it all the time. But Apple just updated their operating system for iPhone to iOS 11 which this app does not support. I hope you guys are working on that.

Needs update for iOS11 ASAP

We are in the middle of a very active hurricane season this year. PLEASE update this app to be compatible with iOS11 ASAP. Sincerely, a survivor of Hurricane Harvey in Corpus Christi, TX.

I Phone 7 Plus

I have rated this app at one star only because I could not rate it at one/half star. The reason for this is that does not work on my I Phone 7 Plus. And during this hurricane season that is not a good thing.

Update the app

It has not been updated since 2013 get on board. I just spent $1.99 on this. Update or I want a refund.

Useless App

Just downloaded and find the touchscreen for presentation selections doesn't work. Data is outdated and totally useless.

Horrible! I want my money back!!

Supposed to be able to use the interactive map. Supposed to be able to tap any storm activity to get more information, it just leads to a dead page. NOAA hurricane works better on a laptop or desktop, not as an app. Very disappointed!!


This app is not worth the money. My radar tells more and it's free. When you live in an area of hurricane potential, and ya pay for the ap you expect a little more information!! Want my money back!

noaa hurricane

want my money back! this was useless to me when the hurricane hit hawaii! it had less radar coverage/ information than the general weather app! waste of my money! I tried to post a more detailed complaint and it said my nickname was taken and erased the whole thing!

Refund please

First, this app does not function properly. Only good for radar. The Florida/Bahamas radar cuts off Pensacola. Do you need help with maps? I live in Pensacola!

West pacific tracking

None that I can see , and they claim it does, unless you include a satellite image that has partial coverage of the area.



Refer to it a lot during the season



Works OK!!

Great App


Detailed & easy to use

Very informative, loads quickly. I love the Atlantic radar, & the forecast charts.


Works good for me. Thanks.

Good app. Need to go thru one hurricane season to adequately rate information.


Great app

Has everything I need and was looking for thank you.



Very useful and awesome application.

Hurricane Watch is definitely a must have app. It's an very useful and awesome app with a very helpful support team.

Best Hurricane App!

Having owned some of the other hurricane tracking apps this one is the most complete and up to date out of them all! The interface is sleek and data is only a tap away. Most of the other hurricane tracking apps are very slow and are always behind in this one in terms of timeliness. Also another great addition is the ability to only receive push notifications for the region you want for example since I live in Florida I am only interested in the Atlantic region which i can select and set as my preference. I highly recommend this app to anyone interested in tracking hurricanes.


Update: push notifications send text the make no sense. Very difficult to tell what it is referring to. Annoying push alert sound. I turned it off. This application uses the smallest pixelated graphics known to man. Clicking in the Atlantic area presents the user with graphics that are titled animated radar when in fact they are satellite images. Severely disappointed with this application. Much better tracking apps available in the app store, don't waste your money.

Impressive App to keep you informed

Very impressive app; Needs bandwidth to work well; so on ATT’s net; bit slow; but at home/work wifi it’s great. Pros: on good network – quick to get to info; great radar; push notifications Cons: none noted yet; the slowness is ATT, not the app What I would like to see: I use this as my first quick look radar map, under the radar section – much faster to get to then noaa site – would like to customize the first page on the radar section –national is perfect; but would like to be able to select the 2nd graphic to ANY of the other sector radars so I could have the one covering my area on the first screen.... You can now if you live in the pacific northwest.... :)

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